Treatment Treponacia

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The abrasion of teeth affected by abrasive processes, but actually called the abrasion loss of dental hard tissues as a result of exposure to foreign bodies.The impact of other factors contributes to the pathological abrasion of hard dental tissues. In patients under the influence of psychogenic causes of stress, the heat of passion in frequent and prolonged contact of teeth that appear in the form of gnashing and compression (especially during sleep).Emergence of pathological processes may also contribute to attrition malformed chewing surfaces of recovery (eg, breach of occlusal balance, front contacts: click here).

Violations of neuromuscular function maxillofacial region, and abnormalities of the teeth are additional causes abnormal wear of the teeth.Abrasion can be caused by food or harmful occupational exposure (for example, coal dust in miners).Severity of the attrition at demastikatsii depends on the abrasiveness of daily food. Food in developing countries are more abrasive than that of the population in developed countries use food after cooking (burgers, ready meals).As a special kind of abrasion should separately identify the impact of bad habits. By this term is meant frequent snacking (eg, threads, cobblers and tailors) or frequent and prolonged retention of items (pipes, pens, needles, etc.) with the same teeth.

Abrasion of this type are often referred to as Uzury.Abrasive processes take place also during the hygienic measures in the oral cavity. The main reason for this is the use of toothpaste with a high degree of abrasion, combined with improper brushing technique. The use of other abrasive materials for oral care (sea salt, charcoal) can also stimulate the processes of abrasion.